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The Doll's Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Reindeer Christmas Cookies

It’s no secret; I’m anything but a chef. But I LOVE Christmas and I’m always happy to bring something tasty to Christmas parties. Last year I showed how you can make my famous melted snow man cookies. This year, I’m showing you more happy Christmas cookies.

Read on to find out how you can make these adorable reindeer cookies! As well as for the snow man cookies, you don’t need (baking) talent. With a little bit of preparation, you can put out something Christmassy in a minute! Just like the melted snow man cookies these treats will put a smile on everyone’s face.


A pack of cookies (true bakers can bake them themselves of course)
Red strawberry candy
A pack of white icing (we’ll be using a teeny tiny bit of icing, so it might be a good idea to make these cookies when you’re working with icing for more treats)
Milk chocolate decoration markers

Tools & utensils

A pan filled with hot water
A knife


Step 1
Heat the pack of icing in a pan of hot water. Knead the icing in the pack until it feels like a smooth mass.

Step 2
Cut a small point off of the pack, which allows you to ‘squeeze’ the icing out in a controlled way. Use your knife to spread a thin layer of icing on the strawberry candies. Don’t use too much! You don’t want the icing to show up underneath the pieces of candy. Paste the strawberry candies just under the center of the cookies. These are the reindeer noses.

Step 3
Knead the chocolate decoration marker until the chocolate heats up a little. This makes decorating the cookies a lot easier.

Step 4
This is the fun part: make the reindeers come to life! Draw two eyes right above the strawberry candies, with antlers on top. Make them as big as you’d like! I personally think the cookies already are utterly adorable without a mouth, but you can give them a smile if you’d like. Give the cookies a personality!

Step 5
Let the chocolate and icing dry, so the noses stay in place and the cookies are no longer sticky. Serve the cookies on a large plate and allow your guests to enjoy these fun Christmas cookies!

The Doll's Reindeer Christmas Cookies

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