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Dress of the Month: January – The Doll Dress

Some months just call for an amazing, specific dress. A dress that can be laid out for special occasions such as the holidays, a wedding party, an anniversary or the first rays of sunshine after a long, cold winter. Some of my dresses fit specific months so well, I am pronouncing some of them Dress of the Month!

The first Dress of the Month I will feature is my signature Doll dress. The dress I’m wearing in the first photos on The Greaser and the Doll. The dress I knew I absolutely HAD TO OWN the second I laid eyes on it. The only dress that would ever symbolize our new adventure this perfectly. My Toots the Doll dress: The Erin Dress in mint, by PUG.

The Erin Dress

The Erin dress is one of Pinup Girl Clothing’s best selling dresses. “Inspired by screen icons of the 1950s but made for the modern lady.” The fit of the dress is so popular, this beautiful wiggle dress is available in almost every shade of the rainbow!

Being a huge Pinup Girl Clothing fan, I was beyond happy when the team of amazing American ladies announced their Erin Dress was available in the exact The Greaser and the Doll shade of Mint!

My Doll dress is October’s Dress of the Month, because we are incredibly happy The Greaser and the Doll is LIVE! Check out my little piece of TGATD heaven, below.

The exact colour of this dress is difficult to capture on camera but believe me, it is the exact The Greaser and the Doll shade of Mint in real life!

Dress of the Month January: The Erin Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing - The Greaser and the Doll

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