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Learn your DEREKart ABC

One of my favourite tiki inspired artists is definitely Derek Yaniger. Derek creates fun and colorful art, with a vintage feel. Paintings of beautiful Pinup ladies, Hawaiian Hula girls, hotrodding daddy-os, krazy kool kats, and cocktail parties are just a small part of his collection of incredible art. His work is undoubtedly inspired by the 1950s and 1960s and tiki-culture, and I love it.

It’s not a complete surprise I’m drawn to his artwork, as he used to draw for Cartoon Network. When I was just a little Dolly I was slightly addicted to CN shows such as The Power Puff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory. In a way, Derek’s art is a little trip down memory lane crossed with my ‘grown up’ passion.

Three paintings by Derek Yaniger I want to show you today, form an adorable ABC. Check them out below!

Aloha from Hawaii by DEREKart

Aloha from Hawaii
This picture is the perfect finishing touch to an amazing tiki bar!

B is for burlesque by DEREKart

B is for Burlesque

C is for cocktail hour by DEREKart

C is for cocktail hour
This painting, and Aloha from Hawaii might just be my favorite pieces by Mr. Yaniger! I love the colors, in combination with the ultimate party-hosting-vibe of the perfect hostess. I think I might get cracking on some cocktail party invites myself!




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