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Cocktail recipe: Strawberry Daiquiri

The (frozen) Strawberry Daiquiri is the perfect love potion for a romantic Valentine’s Day or a sweet summer night.


40 ml white rum
20 ml sugar syrup
20 ml lime juice
5 strawberries

Tools & utensils

Martini or Margarita glass
Jigger or measuring cup
Small knife
Crushed ice

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Strawberry Daiquri recipe - The Greaser and the Doll


Step 1
Fill the glass with crushed ice and let it cool in the fridge

Step 2
Add four of the five strawberries, the rum, sugar syrup and the lime juice to the blender. Blend the ingredients into a fluid mixture

Step 3
Add the crushed ice from your glass to the mixture in your blender and blend it again until it’s completely fluid

Step 4
Pour the cocktail into your glass and garnish with the fifth strawberry

Don’t own a blender? No reason to panic! Add the strawberries to your cocktail shaker, muddle, add the other ingredients, shake and strain the cocktail in your glass.

Strawberry Daiquri recipe - The Greaser and the Doll Strawberry Daiquri recipe - The Greaser and the Doll



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