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Our first month in Instagram posts

We can’t believe it’s already been a month since The Greaser and the Doll went live! We’ve been busy celebrating, writing new posts, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, and introducing TGATD to the masses online.

Check out some of our Instagram posts to see what we have been up to during the first month of our brand new Rock n Roll adventure!

We treated ourselves to some great new reading material. The Doll thinks shopping with her brand new TGATD bag is a treat as it is. We got ourselves a new issue of Vintage Rock Magazine and Kr8 Magazine and we added ‘Hula, vintage hawaiian graphics’ to our book collection. Let’s pour ourselves a drink and spend some time reading.

Movie days are great! The Greaser watched some old skateboarding movies, while drinking Vanilla Cokes with his little brother. The Doll got together with the ladies to watch a couple of Disney movies during the first Disney day of the year!

Nothing like a classic wingtip! We love it when our shoes and outfits match. Want to know more about dressing like the Greaser or Don Draper? Read the Doll’s article on style in the fities for men here. Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!

Weekends are for having fun, or being lazy. Or both! We visited our local tiki bar Vavoom Tiki Room for some nice cocktails. Want to know all about this tropical paradise in the center of the Hague? Read the Greaser’s review here! If you’re in the mood for being lazy and living lavishly, you should check out one of the Doll’s favourite books “Decadent Housewife”.

The Greaser loves his beverages. He got himself some Hawaiian Punch and tried out the new Coca Cola Life. Still nothing beats Coca Cola Classic. Okay maybe Cherry Coke… or Vanilla Coke…

The Greaser’s signature burger! These babies make you feel like you’re dining in a real fifties diner. We can’t let you taste them through the screen, but you can take our word for it. These are delicious! Okay we’re in the mood for burgers again…

Celebrate everything! We celebrated our one-week-blogaversary in style. We’re so happy with the amazing response we’ve received on our blog! Also, the Greaser made us a Virgin Bahia and a Gall Braser to celebrate our first 100 likes on Facebook. Isn’t it divine to have a mixologist in the making around the house?

Every now and then you need to stop and smell the… popcorn! Movie night! Are you in the mood for a new movie? (Or should we say, old movie?) The Greaser tells you all about “Go, Johnny Go!” (1959) starring none other than Chuck Berry. This movie is packed with Rock n Roll music and a guaranteed good time!

The Greaser is a Jack Daniel’s fan. Try Jack Daniel’s with Red Bull Cola, it tastes like candy! If you’re in the mood for something a little less intense, the Greaser recommends Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit Saloon. Next to Jack Daniel’s 1915 Gold Medal, this is one of his favourites in his JD collection.

She admits it, the Doll is a DEREKart Snob. But that’s the only type of snob you would want to be! Being a huge fan of Derek Yaniger’s work, the Doll introduced his artwork with a DEREKart ABC. We also got to make a TGATD fan’s day with these framed photos of Brian Setzer and Chuck Berry! Check out all of our photos in the shop.

Have you tried out our recipes yet? Learn how to make one of the Greaser’s favourite drinks: the Old Fashioned. Are you in the mood for something a little sweeter? Make yourself a Cappuccino Milkshake for a sweet little energy kick!

The Greaser has been working on some new Gin recipes. Keep an eye on the site, ’cause they will be online soon!

This isn’t everything we’ve been up to this month. Check our Instagram page for all of our pictures! Follow us (@thegreaserandthedoll) to keep up with our Rock n Roll adventures!

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