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Looking back on our first year

The days after Christmas and New Year’s always get you thinking. Spending time with friends and family, looking back on another year that’s flown by. And what a year we’ve had! A lot has happened between launching our blog at the beginning of this year and now. We thought it’d be fun to share the highlights of our first TGATD year with you!

1 year The Greaser and the Doll

We launched The Greaser and the Doll on January 1st, 2015.
On our very first day we had reached about 500 views.
We reached our first 10.000 views in October.
Up until now we have had over 17.500 visits.
We have posted 77 blog posts.


We have over 1500 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest combined.

Thank you so much for reading our blog and sharing our love for all things Rock n Roll with us!

The Greaser’s top 5 posts

Cocktail recipe: Vodka Mai Tai
Vodka Mai Tai recipe - The Greaser and the Doll

Cocktail recipe: Gin & Tonic
Gin and Tonic Recipe - The Greaser and the Doll

Vavoom Tiki Room, The Hague
Vavoom Tiki Room, The Hague - The Greaser and the Doll

Brian Setzer Orchestra – It’s Gonna Rock
Brian Setzer Orchestra -It's Gonna Rock - DVD review - The Greaser and the Doll

The Greaser’s Tattoos: Dutch Skateboards

The Doll’s top 5 posts

Style in the 50s for men

Dress of the Month: January – The Doll dress
Dress of the Month January - Erin by Pinup Girl Clothing - The Greaser and the Doll

Coat of the Month: February – Hell Bunny
Hell Bunny Winter Coat - The Greaser and the Doll

Cherry Dresses and Rockabilly
Cherry dresses and Rockabilly - The Greaser and the Doll

What is Tiki culture
Tiki Culture - The Greaser and the Doll

We were quite surprised with the outcome of our most popular blog posts! Especially the Greaser’s best read post, being a very specific variation on our Mai Tai cocktail recipe. But hey, glad we got to show you something new! It’s fun to see the Doll’s style posts also seem to inspire you.

We really enjoy writing blog posts and it’s great to see you love reading them! We’re happy to get cracking on writing more articles!

Our most popular Instagram posts

Our most popular Facebook posts

It’s our four-year-marriversary today! <3

Posted by The Greaser and the Doll on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Had a blast last night, hosting a party for our friends!

Posted by The Greaser and the Doll on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our most popular pin

Looking back on our first year

It has been an amazing first year! We were very excited to start our blog on January 1st, last year and we’re incredibly happy we’ve received so much positive feedback! Aside from working on our blog, a lot has happened in 2015. We moved into our new home after completely remodelling the place, celebrated our four-year-marriversary, we were guests at the Doll’s brothers’ wedding, we enjoyed a lot of cocktails at the Vavoom with friends, took a little trip to Amsterdam for some more cocktail fun, we visited Bruges and celebrated Christmas with friends, family and a whole lot of presents.

It’s the first day of the new year and we have a lot of great plans for 2016. We’ll let you know what we’re going to be up to, soon. Thank you for an incredible first year!

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