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Our plans for 2016

The new year is off to a great start. We have a lot of cool plans for 2016!
As January 1st is our website’s blogaversary, we looked back on our first year, last week. We are very happy with what we’ve accomplished in our first year and we’re determined to keep this up!

To tell you a little something about us: we’re planners. We don’t really do New Year’s resolutions… we make plans. We plan everything. We love worked out schedules (yes, even on vacation) and we love talking about the future and making new plans. Whether it be on a business or personal level. Let us share our plans for 2016 with you!

Website redesign

It’s a new year and we’ve grown a lot since we started working on The Greaser and the Doll. Our website is designed and built by the Doll, to fit our blog. If you’ve been following our blog for the last year, you’ve noticed we like to write about different subjects that fit into our rockin’ lifestyle. After writing articles for over a year, we realized you can categorize our blog with the following tags: Rock n Roll | Fifties | Sixties | Retro | Cocktail | Tiki. We’re incorporating these subjects in our new design, this year. Along with a brand new webshop! This will certainly keep the Greaser busy for a couple of months.

Renewed webshop

We’re taking things even more seriously this year. We launched our blog together with a webshop in 2015. The Greaser has always loved photography and was able to capture some of our biggest heroes on stage. Along with some other great pictures to fit your rockin’ retro home decor, we offered these pictures from the start. This year, we are going to spend a lot of time and energy in expanding our web shop. We’ll be adding more items to our shop for your home, your bar, and your music collection.

Plans for 2016 - Playing the Ukulele - The Greaser and the Doll

Playing the ukulele

We’ve already revealed one of our goals for this year: The Doll is determined to learn how to play the Ukulele. She got an awesome Fender Uke for Christmas, as Santa Claus knew she was intrigued by this small little instrument. Along with a textbook on how to play Ukulele, a songbook filled with Disney classics and a fabulous tweed Ukulele bag to carry it around in. She’s been playing her little fingers off, practicing every day already.

Plans for 2016 - Sewing class - The Greaser and the Doll

Sewing classes

The Doll is crazy about pretty dresss, skirts, tops and cardies. Clothes, shoes, bags, anything stylish! Shopping for new dresses and coming up with awesome outfits by combining items you already own is a lot of fun, but the Doll wants to take it a little further: she is taking a sewing class to learn how to make her own fabulous, vintage inspired clothes. All the fabrics, all the patterns, she can’t wait. To be able to create anything you want with needle and thread is a freedom she dreams off. If all goes well, she’s planning on completing an official course and learn how to be a real seamstress.

Christmas every month

We spent a lot of our time and money working on our beautiful home, last year. This meant we had to let a lot of things and awesome events go by. We made up for this during Christmas, spoiling our friends, family and each other. This year, we’re planning on making every month feel like Christmas! We have a lot of cool events marked on our calendar, we’re planning on taking a Tiki trip to Barcelona, attending our first NFL game in London and listen to some great live music. We already have tickets to go see Peter Pan Speedrock, the Shavers and Leon Bridges!

We are looking forward to the upcoming year. It’s going to rock!
Oh, and we’ll also get some new ink!

What are you up to, this year?

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