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The Greaser’s tattoos: TCB

Tattoos are cool and the Doll and I have gathered quite the collection. We get asked about the meaning of our pieces of art very often. Most of my tattoos don’t have a deep underlying meaning but represent something I like. Every month, we’re telling you the story behind one of our tattoos.

Tattoo 24 TCB, Taking Care of Buisness

After his Comeback Special in 1968, during which Elvis was joined by his original band members, Elvis asked guitarist James Burton to put together a new band. This band would later be known as the TCB band, Taking Care of Business and played with Elvis from 1969, up until his death in 1977.

The TCB logo was designed by the King himself and is a must-have tattoo for every Rockabilly guy and gal.

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The Greaser

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