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Webshop update: brand new products

Three months ago we proudly launched our brand new webshop. We have been able to make customers happy with super cool orders, we got incredibly excited and sweet comments, we’ve written and sent out newsletters and we’ve added even more cool items to the shop! We’re busy with the shop and our blog every single day, and we love it!

New products

We launched our webshop with 87 different products. Three months later, we have about 150 unique items in stock! We pick out all of our products with the greatest of care, in order to be able to fill the shop with the coolest retro items and the best cocktail gear.


For the launch of the shop we’d made sure we offered all the basics to make the best cocktails at home: shakers, jiggers, strainers, ice cube molds; everything you need. We have expanded our cocktail collection with new barware and straws, so you can garnish every drink perfectly and you can pick from even more items to create a beautiful cocktail set. Check out our cocktail collection.


We personally love collecting cocktail glasses! Hardly anything matches up to serving a cocktail in the perfect glass. We were super excited to be able to add new tiki glasses to the shop! A cocktail simply tastes the best from the right glass. Check out our glasses.


You can also order tropical and sweet handmade soaps in our shop, now! In the shape of a moai, pineapple or cupcake. The soaps smell like coconut or strawberry and are available in different colours. For those who can’t pick one, there are also packages with all colours available! Check out all of our soaps.

Key chains

Little treats are always fun. Wether it’s for yourself or a surprise for someone else. We couldn’t resist these key chains. The perfect accessory for fastfood fans, Halloweeners and fans of everything tropical. Check out our key chains.

Coffee Mugs

We have added brand new coffee mugs to our collection. Now it’s starting to get colder and colder outside, hardly anything sounds as good as hot cocoa on the couch. Obviously, we’ll make sure you can enjoy your hot drink in style with our new mug collection.

The Greaser and the Doll's koffiemokken collectie

Salt and pepper shakers

The fun thing about salt and pepper shakers is that they not just make your meals taste better, they’re also super cute decorations! We have the perfect set for in your American diner, a super sweet couple of cupcakes and two Dia de los Muertos inspired sets. Even better: all of our salt and pepper shakers come in a pretty gift box! Check out our salt and pepper shakers.


You can wake us for burgers, anytime. And burgers taste even better in an American diner. We’ve added cool new items to our diner collection, that fit perfectly in your dining room or in the kitchen. You’re bound to get the munchies from these fun accessories! Check out our diner collection.

That’s not all

The items we mentioned above are just a couple. Visit the shop and check out all of our new products! To make sure the shop remains organized and accessible, we’ve added a number of new categories:

Lip Balm | Soap | Key Chains | Pineapple | Flamingo | Cupcake | Coffee Mugs | Car | Skull

Browse your heart out!


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