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Looking back on 2016

It seems like only yesterday we were putting together a list of our plans for 2016. The year has flown by and so much has happened! The world is shaking, but we prefer to focus on the positives in life today. Because wow – what a year it’s been.

At the beginning of the year, after celebrating a ridiculous luscious Christmas with our family and friends, we posted our plans for the year to come. It’s fun to look back at this, as this post has truly been our game plan for the year.

As you may know by now; we are planners, we pay a lot of attention to detail and we love it when a plan comes together. And boy, did our plans come together. 2016 has been a year of a lot of hard work, but it paid off! We are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and of course beyond thankful for your support!


The biggest and most exciting change in our lives this year: the launch of our brand new The Greaser and the Doll webshop. Especially the Greaser has put a lot of time and energy into building the shop and creating a great collection. We started off with a little less than 90 unique items. Now, after being up and running for five months, we have been able to (more than) double that! We currently have about 190 items in stock for you to choose from!

It’s very rewarding to see your happy TGATD customer pictures pop up on social media!

We are incredibly happy to have been able to add new categories to our shop:


Lip Balm | Soap | Key Chains | Socks | Pomade | Shaving


Glassware | Barware | Straws and Stirrers | Tiki Mugs | Ice


Tiki Mugs | Tropical | Pineapple | Flamingo


Gifts | Diner | Car | Skull | Cupcake | Coffee Mugs | Greeting Cards


(We’ll be adding more to this category, this year. So make sure you keep an eye on the shop!)

The Greaser and the Doll - Pomade and Shaving

Playing the Ukulele and learning to sew

The Doll got a Ukulele for Christmas last year. She was determined to master this amazing little instrument. And she did! After practicing every single day for months, she finally worked up the guts to record her very first Uke cover: Pineapple Princess by Annette Funicello.

That’s not all! While the Greaser was working days and nights putting together a plan for the shop, the Doll took sewing classes. As she’d never touched a sewing machine in her life (successfully that is), she wasn’t exactly brimming with confidence she could pull off making her first skirt, but she did! After her sewing classes, she took a class in pattern design as well. The sewing future looks bright!

Living the life

We’ve been out living the life quite a lot this year; we took a Tiki trip to Barcelona, attended two NFL games in London, enjoyed drinks at the Trader Vic’s, visited the Vivien of Holloway boutique, celebrated the Greaser’s birthday with a Rock n Roll beer tasting, went to go see Peter Pan Speedrock, the Shavers, Leon Bridges and many more live in concert, and celebrated our 10-year-anniversary in Ghent, while sipping on some delicious cocktails at the Drifter.

Popular blog posts

Of course, we’ve been working hard to keep our blog up to date as well! It’s all worth it, when we see how much our posts seem to please you. Check out our 14 most read posts of this year:

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2016, what a year you’ve been!
Thank you so much for reading, placing your orders, all the likes and comments!
We are ready for a Rockin’ 2017!

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