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Big Bad Handsome Man Ukulele Cover

Valentine’s Day. The perfect occasion for being romantic and lots of random acts of kindness. Whether or not you’re a fan of this love-themed day, I feel a little extra display of affection never hurts.

This year, I decided to do something sweet and record a pretty little ditty for the love of my life. Ever since the Greaser bought me my beautiful Fender Ukulele for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed with playing my mini-guitar and singing along. What could be sweeter than singing him a song?

I’ve added more and more songs to my repertoire and I love getting inspired and try different types of songs on my Ukulele. From cute little Tiki songs to Disney classics and Rockabilly tunes.

Big Bad Handsome Man

I’m a big fan of Imelda May and I love singing her songs live on stage. I’d sung ‘Big Bad Handsome Man’ for the Greaser before, at a Christmas concert a couple of years ago.

I spotted the Greaser in the crowd. Oh and – hello Mermaid hair.

I was curious what would happen if I’d sing one of my Imelda-Mayvourites accompanied by some gentle ukulele strumming. And it worked! So I put on a pretty dress, picked up my ukulele and recorded a sweet little version of this amazing song for my very own big bad handsome man.

Listen to my version of ‘Big Bad Handsome Man’ below:

About Big Bad Handsome Man

‘Big Bad Handsome Man’ was written by Imelda and released as her second single for her album “Love Tattoo” in 2009. Imelda never made an official music video for the song.

More Imelda May

Check out my review of Imelda’s albums “Love Tattoo”, “Mayhem” and “Tribal” and read how I accidentally discovered this incredible singer.

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