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Vintage Style Guide by Sugarcoated Pictures

I love books on everything fifties or sixties. Especially coffee table books, with beautiful pictures in them. I love books on vintage style, vintage hair, vintage make-up, vintage interior, vintage cars… My vintage-inspired books were the inspiration behind my Style in the Fifties for Women and Style in the Fifties for Men posts. You can never have too many books on the subject, if you’d ask me. I can never get enough inspiration for outfits and tips and tricks for great vintage-inspired hairdos and make-up.

Valentine’s surprise

And of course, the Greaser is well aware of this. So he decided to surprise me with another gem of a book for Valentine’s Day! He bought me the ‘Vintage Style Guide’ by Sugarcoated Pictures. This book is filled with easy tutorials for the prefect look: foundation and shaping, eyebrows, wings, shading, lipstick and fabulous hairdos. Every “mini class” is accompanied by gorgeous signature pictures by Sugarcoated, a vintage photo studio in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Vintage Style Gudie by Sugarcoated Pictures - Review - The Greaser and the Doll

Hair tutorials

As I do my make-up rather similar to what’s described in the book, and I have given in to the power of the wing many many years ago (and – if I say so myself – have mastered the art), I myself am mostly interested in the hairdo-how-tos. The book provides mini-classes for lots of different styles and styling methods. It covers curling with a curling iron (and acknowledges my frustration with this magical device, but tells me it’s utterly worth it to keep trying), victory rolls, faux victory rolls (for when you’re tired of trying), Bettie bangs, faux bangs (for those not ready to commit), the beehive, bandanas and some other great vintage-inspired hairstyles.

The Sugarcoated girls make it seem so easy… and make you want to get up and try yourself immediately! The book is definitely inspiring and has helped me understand how to accomplish more great hairdos.

Vintage Style Gudie by Sugarcoated Pictures - Review - The Greaser and the Doll

More inspiration and tips

Aside from the make-up and hair tutorials, the book offers some outfit inspiration as well. This part of the book is not nearly as educational as the hair chapter, but still a fun read and again, illustrated by gorgeous pictures of women in all shapes and sizes. The Sugarcoated girls also offer some fun posing tips for us incidental models. Or girls who simply like to look vavaVoom in holiday pictures. What to do with your hands, what NOT to do with your hands, with your legs, feet, face… everything. Things you may never have thought about, but are easy to incorporate in your next photo-session.

About Sugarcoated Pictures

Vintage Style Gudie by Sugarcoated Pictures - Review - The Greaser and the Doll

About Vivian Kramer gezegd Freher

The woman behind it all. Vivian is a thirty-something girl from Rotterdam. A real go-getter, with a obsession for Barbie. She started off in the fashion-bizz, as a stylist for magazines, tv and theater. In her spare time, she started to get more and more involved in the Rockabilly scene. Fueled by her love for the music, her style and started to transform into the fierce Rockabilly dame she is today.

About Sugarcoated

The idea to start Sugarcoated was born when Vivian wanted to treat one of her friends to a fun, original pregnancy shoot. Thanks to her ties in the fashion business, she managed to put together something fun and stumbled upon the concept to make these type of mini-shoots available to all women! And the rest is history. Vivian now owns her own studio Sugarcoated Pictures and works with a very talented group of women, transforming girls next door from all over the country into fabulous vamps.

Viva Las Vegas

As if being the owner of an immensely popular photo studio isn’t enough, Vivian signed up for the annual Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup-Contest as her alter ego “The Dutch Pinup”. A pinup-contest held at one of the biggest events in the Rockabilly scene. The objective of this contest is to pick a girl who is the perfect example of how to be a great pin-up in today’s modern world. The Dutch Pinup has made it to the finals and will shine on stage during the Viva Las Vegas car show. We wish you the best of luck, Vivian!

As for now, I’m getting back to my curling iron struggles, to try and achieve those perfect looks I found in the book.


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