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Bang Bang Bazooka

Bang Bang Bazooka is a Rockabilly band from Eindhoven, Rock City. These guys have been making great music since 1987 and have released four radical albums in the last 30 years! In the original formation, with Bartmann (Peter Pan Speedrock) on bass, BBB released two albums. Later on, Bartmann left the band as PPSR was taking up most of his time.

On the fourth album, “Red Hot & Horny” released in 2013, drummer Marc Burger (Liptease) and bassplayer Eric Haamers (Batmobile) were part of the line-up. Eric recently left BBB, to focus on Batmobile, as they have just released a brand new album (“Brand New Blisters”) for the first time in 20 years. As of now, Jesse van der Heijden (Liptease) is in charge of the bass lines.

Bang Bang Bazooka might just be the best Rockabilly band in Holland, and is without a doubt one of our favourite bands. We love this band so much, we asked them to play at our wedding back in 2011.

Self Titled

Bang Bang Bazooka Review - The Greaser and the DollThis album, released in 1988, with Bart “Bartmann” Geevers (Peter Pan Speedrock) on the bass, was quite difficult to find but definitely worth the search!

My favourite track on this album is the Buddy Holly cover ‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’ (1957). But ‘Cheetah Man’ and ‘The Blues That I Hate’ are also great songs!

Must-hear tracks

‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’, ‘Cheetah Man’, ‘The Blues That I Hate’


If you find one, take it home! Even if it’s just for the Buddy Holly cover!

True Rebel

Bang Bang Bazooka Review - The Greaser and the DollWith Bartmann still slapping the bass, BBB released their second album in 1990. The album is called “True Rebel” and is dedicated to their loyal roadie Arno van de Wassenberg, who died in a car accident a year before.

If you’d ask me, the title track ‘True Rebel’ is one BBB’s best songs!

Must-hear tracks

‘Frankenstein Rock’, ‘True Rebel’


You should buy this album, just to be able to rock out to ‘True Rebel’!

Hell Yeah!!!

Bang Bang Bazooka Review - The Greaser and the DollIn 2007, almost 18 years after releasing “True Rebel”, the album “Hell Yeah!!!” was released.

This is my favourite BBB album and features a lot of their best work, such as ‘I’m the Devil’, ‘Dragon Tattoo’ (a tattoo shop in Eindhoven, where Bang Bang Marcel worked in 2008) and the instrumental masterpiece ‘The Butcher’!

Must-hear tracks

‘Burn Bobby Burn’, ‘Werewolf On The Prowl’, ‘The Butcher’


The best BBB record!

Red Hot and Horny… Just For You

Bang Bang Bazooka Review - The Greaser and the DollIn 2013, introducing Marc Burger (Liptease) as the new drummer and Eric Haamers (Batmobile) on bass, BBB released “Red Hot and Horny… Just For You”.

This album is a little more Psychobilly than the previous three albums. This might be Batmobile’s Eric Haamers’ influence. The title track ‘Red Hot & Horny’ could have easily been written by Brian Setzer. Also the guitar parts and vocals are Setzer-worthy!

Must-hear tracks

‘Pineda De Mar’, ‘Red Hot & Horny’, ‘The Devil In Me’


Almost as good as “Hell Yeah!!!”

Also check out

– Buddy Holly – I’m Gonna Love You Too
– Peter Pan Speedrock – Rockcity
– Liptease – Fireball
– Batmobile – Transsylvanian Express

Bang Bang Bazooka Review - The Greaser and the Doll

Seen live

Shake ‘n Roll, the Hague 2009 and our wedding, Scheveningen 2011 amongst many others



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