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Guests at a Tiki wedding

We certainly had our fill of Tiki parties this month! IT’S TIKI TIME ALL THE TIME. We celebrated the Vavoom Tiki Room’s 10th anniversary with a Tiki Spectacular, we toasted to the Doll’s birthday with cocktails, we enjoyed utterly delicious drinks at the Trader Vic’s and Sugar Cane during another great trip to London ánd, which we thought was incredibly special, we were guests at a Tiki wedding! WHAT A MONTH!

Our sweet buddies “Captain Kahuna” Guido and Ilse tied the knot this month. These two understand our Tiki-obsession com-ple-te-ly. In fact, Captain Kahuna has built an entire Tiki bar in their home and carves the most amazing wooden Tikis! You can check out his awesome woodwork and designs at

It’s not a huge surprise their big day was one enormous Tiki-fest! From the beautiful invitations, which were based on an original Trader Vic’s menu, to their carefully picked outfits and handmade Tiki giveaways. Kahuna had made plaster G+I Tikis with the wedding date on it, for all of their wedding guests. We proudly added them to our personal Tiki collection.

Of course we wanted to look extra sharp for this special occasion, so we dressed up in our finest Tiki outfits.

Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll

The Greaser

Even though he has quite a lot of very nice Tiki shirts in his wardrobe, we decided to search for a brand new shirt for the Greaser. Weddings are such a special occasion; we love to put in a little extra effort. It wasn’t easy though, as we are incredibly picky and on top of that, our outfits had to look fabulous together!

Eventually, he found a shirt in a shop on Hawaii. Does it get any better than a Hawaiian shirt that is actually made on Hawaii? No it does not. It was quite the wait for the mailman, but it was totally worth it! The Greaser wore an amazing Palm Tree print Tiki shirt by Pacific Legend, on top of beige pants. His outfit was complete with his Hula Girl shoes by Vans, Alfredo Gonzales Palm Springs socks and a golden Swatch watch. His hair was piled high and he wore L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent for a little extra class and pizzazz. What an amazing outfit.

The Doll

When the Greaser had found his perfect shirt, it was instantly obvious what the Doll had to wear: her Collectif Pineapple Dolores. She successfully managed to lay off all the cookies and sweets for a while, as this is dress is slightly tighter than other dresses. But it paid off!

She completed her outfit with the same Hula Girl shoes the Greaser wore (matchy, matchy!), an arm filled with Bamboo bangles and a one-of-a-kind brown Tiki Bob bangle, which was custom made for her by Subtitle Art. As crown on the pineapple she proudly carried around her Kate Spade Coconut purse. She wore her hair up in rolls and put on some Chanel No.5. Ready for a Tiki party!

Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll
Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll Tiki Wedding Guests - The Greaser and the Doll

Polaroids by Guido & Ilse

Tiki Party

This was some party! The bride and groom had turned a clubhouse into their very own Tiki paradise. Of course, the entrance was decorated with an original Captain Kahuna Tiki sign. The location looked all tropical, they had put out wedding cake with the same print as the groom’s Tiki shirt, there were piles of food decorated with flamingo and pineapple sprinkles, they served delicious cocktails and mocktails, they had put together a swingin’ playlist and had created a picture wall for a Polaroid moment with all of their guests.

Thank you again for this amazing night and congratulations, guys!
Here’s to a lifetime of Tiki happiness!!


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