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LIVE at Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn

The festival season is about to kick into full gear and we can’t wait! Enjoying the lovely summer sun, dancing to live music by awesome bands and hanging out with friends. The year started off great with an amazing night at Aloha Fest 2 and we have many more awesome events coming up! After a great night full of Surf music, we’re super stoked that we’re also hitting this Rockabilly Weekender, this summer!

On August 17th, 18th and 19th, you can come and see us LIVE at Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn!

What happens at the barn…

This year will mark the 13th edition of Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn. The festival first saw the light in 2006 as a one-day-event with four Rockabilly bands, and has now grown into a true Rockabilly Weekender with a grand total of ten live bands and five Rockin’ DJs on the bill. Driven by a never-ending thirst to discover new music, the guys and gals behind Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn work up a sweat every year, to find new bands to put on the line up. And they seem to succeed every time!

Rockin' at the Drive-in Barn 2018


The bands in order of appearance: Wise Guyz (UKR), The Rechords (AUS), Eddie & thee Scorpions (USA), Danny McVey Trio (UK), Scott Elvis (UK), The Nite Howlers (FR), The Big Kahunas (UK), Roy Dee & The Spitfires (POR), The Cowpokes (NL), and Swampboys (B).

The Rockin’ DJs: DJ Chicken (NL), DJ Oldrebel 82 (GER), DJ Simeon (UK), DJ Rock (NL), and DJ Miss Swingtime (NL).

Smogville Pre ’65 Carshow

Lovers of drop-dead-gorgeous old rides, unite! At Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn, the most stunning hotrods, kustoms, bikes and cafe racers get a spot in the limelight. There’s even an award show with prizes for the Best original car, Best Kustom Car/Hot Rod, Best Bike and Best of show. Fun fact: owners of pre-1965 cars & bikes and cafe racers get a free ticket to the festival!

Fifties Indoor Market

Shoppin’ at the Drive-in Barn! Inside the venue, you can shop until you drop at the Rock ‘n Roll market and kustom art show. Of course you will also find us here! We’ll bring all the Rock ‘n Roll, diner, retro and Tiki stuff we can carry to our stand at the indoor market. As always: do you have special requests? Let us know, and we’ll bring it with us for you! And you can pay by cash and card!

Head on over to our shop and check out our complete collection!

Rockin' at the Drive-in Barn 2018

Enough fun to go around

Aside from enjoying the sweet tunes of the Rockabilly line-up, shopping and the car show, there’s a lot more fun to go around at the Drive-in Barn: a Jive contest, a soapbox race, a flea market… you can even have Ritchie the Rockin’ Barber tame your wild locks!

Swing by and come say hi!


Dates: Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of August 2018
Location: Manege de Pijnhorst, Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands

Ticket prizes:
Friday ticket: € 15,-
Saturday ticket: € 22,50
Sunday ticket: € 10,-
Weekend ticket: € 35,-

Let us know you’re joining in on this weekend of Rockabilly fun, in the Rockin’ at the Drive-in Barn Facebook event!

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