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A Rock ‘n Roll travel guide – Madrid

It’s time for another Rock ’n Roll travel guide! This time, we’re taking you to Madrid. Must-sees in the Spanish capital may be a little lesser known than in Barcelona, but this city sure is worth the trip.

You may have heard of the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor or the beautiful Parque del Buen Retiro, or someone might have mentioned shopping at the Gran Via. As always, we’re showing you cool spots you won’t find in a normal travel guide. Madrid has a whole lot to offer to lovers of Rock ’n Roll, retro, cocktail and tiki!

This is our top 10!

1: Tiki Bars

Visit all the Tiki Bars in Madrid and treat yourself to some tasty cocktails! The Tiki Bars located in Madrid are Bora-Bora, Mauna Loa, Tiki Chateau and Hawai Waipahu Paradise.

Bora-Bora and Hawai Waipahu Paradise are fun and well-decorated, but don’t really serve the best drinks. Mauna Loa is plain awful. Tiki Chateau is great, though! Owner Miquel was tired of being a lawyer and decided to open his own Tiki Bar. We spent a couple of nights here, drinkin’ drinks and talkin’ Tiki. Miquel even took us on an unforgettable Tiki Road Trip (see 11)! He is an awesome guy and we are happy to call him our friend.

All the Tiki Bars serve their drinks in Tiki Mugs. Most of them are Spanish designs made by Porcelanas Pavon.

Tiki Chateau
Spanish straws for days
Hawai Waipahu Paradise
Mauna Loa – We’re never speaking of this place again

2: La Fiambrera

Buy some art at La Fiambrera. This rather small-lookin’ fun retro shop on Calle del Pez is actually a gateway to a huge, wonderful world of Lowbrow art. Treat yourself to some awesome prints, arty-farty knickknacks and literature in the gift shop, or go all out and purchase some originals from one of the many galleries at La Fiambrera.

When we visited Madrid, DEREKart (who just happens to be one of the Doll’s favourite artists) had a solo show called “Flat Out Flip Out!” at La Fiambrera. We’ll tell you all about it on our blog, soon!

3: Hemingway Cocktail Bar

Get your leopard on at the Hemingway Cocktail Bar! This hidden bar is covered in leopard print and red velvet, and serves tasty classic cocktails.

Want some help finding this place? Just send us a message!

4: Tommy Mel’s

Eat some American food at Tommy Mel’s. In this great lookin’ 50s diner you’ll find it all: burgers, hot dogs, pancakes, milkshakes, cheesecake and so much more!

We had to try the chicken & waffles. The super weird combo of chicken tenders, waffles and maple syrup is a real American classic and we had to try it! Verdict: confusing, but tasty!

5: Terraza Cibeles

Have some drinks with a view at Terraza Cibeles. You’ll find great drinks and the best views of Madrid on top of the Palacio de Cibeles.

6: Chopper Monster

Shop at Chopper Monster. This shop has it all! Vinyl, clothing, Tiki Mugs, awesome books and a whole lot of accessories!

7: Skyline Diner and Kiosko Bacoa

Grab a burger at the Skyline Diner. You can choose your own beef and toppings, they serve their own beer and the fries are amazing!

Kiosko Bacoa also makes a great burger. And they’re cheap! Try the Pollo. Char-grilled chicken breast on a burger bun!

Skyline Diner
Kiosko Bacoa

8: Rocket Carabanchel

Shop at Rockabilly shop Rocket Carabanchel. This tiny shop just outside the city center is packed with rockin’ clothing and accessories. We bought some awesome Rock ’n Roll shirts and these Rocket originals.

9: Estación de Atocha

Visit the Tropical Garden in Estación de Atocha. We assumed there would be palm trees everywhere in Madrid, just like in Barcelona. Unfortunately that was not the case. We finally found some in the largest railway station of Madrid: Atocha.

10: Hotel Urban

Looking for a cool hotel? Stay at Hotel Urban. This fancy hotel houses a permanent display of stunning art from Papua New Guinea!

Extra – 11: Pavon

If you’ve been to a Spanish Tiki Bar, chance is that you had a drink in a Pavon Tiki Mug. Our buddy Miquel from Tiki Chateau took us on a Tiki Trip to the factory that makes all of these great Mugs. You’ll read all about it on our blog, soon!

Tiki Road Trip with Miquel! To be continued…

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