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Mike the Greaser and Toots the Doll travel the world together, looking for the coolest diners and tiki bars, drink the tastiest cocktails, mocktails and milkshakes and visit the best concerts and events. Dressed in their 50s inspired outfits they take you along in their life filled with Rock n Roll.

About the Greaser

The-Greaser.jpgTattoos: 42 and counting
Music: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Brian Setzer/Stray Cats, Low Volts, the Head Cat, Firebirds, Slacktone, the Shavers
Movies: The Buddy Holly Story, Happy Days
Books: Tiki Pop, Tiki Road Trip, Vintage Rock Magazine
Art: SHAG, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, Henk Schiffmacher, Herman Brood
Travel: New York
Drinks: Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, Whiskey, Budweiser
Other: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Skateboarding, Photography

About the Doll

Tattoos: Cute and lady like
Music: Imelda May, Ruby Ann, Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Stray Cats
Movies: Grease, Mad Men
Books: Kiddie Cocktails, Decadent Housewife
Art: SHAG, DEREKart, Anton Corbijn
Inspirational people: Micheline Pitt, Sabina Kelley, Laura Byrnes, Doris Mayday
Drinks: Mango Tango, Moneypenny, Virgin Bahia
Other: Vintage (inspired) clothing and hair & make-up, Singing, Playing the Ukulele, Lomography, Roller skating, Baseball


About the blog

The Greaser and the Doll is live since 2015.

Photo credits

All photos used on this site were shot by and are property of The Greaser and the Doll, unless mentioned otherwise. Photos may not be used in any form, without the written concent of The Greaser and the Doll.

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