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Vintage movie night – 1960s New York

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Kick your feet up, turn down the lights and disappear into a world of glamour. I adore vintage glamour. The kind people would admire on the silver screen back in the days. Men in sharp suits wearing hats, women with gorgeous hair and fabulous dresses. I love to get lost in vintage movies, and get overwhelmed by a pleasant feeling of historical nostalgia.

There are so many, many famous movies perfect for a vintage movie night: “Rebel Without a Cause” starring James Dean or Marlon Brando acting tough in “The Wild One”. And utterly amazing movies and shows that were inspired by the fifties and sixties: “Mad Men”, “Happy Days” and yes, “Grease”. Who doesn’t love Grease?

Today, I’m sharing some of my favourite vintage movies, that always make me feel good. As I was writing this, I realized I could go on for hours talking about the movies that have a special place in my heart. So I decided to break it up into a little series. First up: 1960s New York! (more…)

Vintage Style Guide by Sugarcoated Pictures

I love books on everything fifties or sixties. Especially coffee table books, with beautiful pictures in them. I love books on vintage style, vintage hair, vintage make-up, vintage interior, vintage cars… My vintage-inspired books were the inspiration behind my Style in the Fifties for Women and Style in the Fifties for Men posts. You can never have too many books on the subject, if you’d ask me. I can never get enough inspiration for outfits and tips and tricks for great vintage-inspired hairdos and make-up.

Valentine’s surprise

And of course, the Greaser is well aware of this. So he decided to surprise me with another gem of a book for Valentine’s Day! He bought me the ‘Vintage Style Guide’ by Sugarcoated Pictures. This book is filled with easy tutorials for the prefect look: foundation and shaping, eyebrows, wings, shading, lipstick and fabulous hairdos. Every “mini class” is accompanied by gorgeous signature pictures by Sugarcoated, a vintage photo studio in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). (more…)

Big Bad Handsome Man Ukulele Cover

Valentine’s Day. The perfect occasion for being romantic and lots of random acts of kindness. Whether or not you’re a fan of this love-themed day, I feel a little extra display of affection never hurts.

This year, I decided to do something sweet and record a pretty little ditty for the love of my life. Ever since the Greaser bought me my beautiful Fender Ukulele for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed with playing my mini-guitar and singing along. What could be sweeter than singing him a song? (more…)

Reindeer Christmas Cookies

It’s no secret; I’m anything but a chef. But I LOVE Christmas and I’m always happy to bring something tasty to Christmas parties. Last year I showed how you can make my famous melted snow man cookies. This year, I’m showing you more happy Christmas cookies.

Read on to find out how you can make these adorable reindeer cookies! As well as for the snow man cookies, you don’t need (baking) talent. With a little bit of preparation, you can put out something Christmassy in a minute! Just like the melted snow man cookies these treats will put a smile on everyone’s face. (more…)

Vivien of Holloway Boutique in London

Exactly five years after traveling to London as newly weds, we visited this amazing city again. As we’d been there before, we had a lot of time to visit a lot of new spots aside from the must-sees like the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Harrods.

Luckily for me, we had enough time to go on a proper shopping-spree! Okay, I’ll admit… multiple shopping-sprees. I was really looking forward to visiting the Collectif boutiques in London and Brighton. We did! And I bought two fabulous new tops at Collectif.

Vivien of Holloway on Holloway Road

Another boutique I really wanted to visit was the Vivien of Holloway shop on Holloway Road. Though I didn’t own anything by VOH yet, Vivien’s designs have always held a little piece of my heart. (more…)

Pineapple Princess Ukulele Cover

For Christmas 2015, the Greaser gave me a Ukulele. I’d wanted to learn how to play the Ukulele for years, so he surprised me with a beautiful Fender Uke. I fell in love with my stunning new mini-guitar and have been playing it pretty much every day, since.

Playing the ukulele was completely new to me: I only knew how to play the bass riff of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the White Stripes on the bass guitar (who doesn’t?) and the intro to Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prinson Blues’ on the guitar. Playing the ukulele calls for a completely different technique than guitar, but I had no strums or guitar-tricks to fall back on, whatsoever. The Greaser was cracking up, listening to my very first attempts to play, but after practicing daily (from 10 minutes to hours at a time) I have managed to learn to play this amazing instrument a little better, every day! (more…)

Pineapple Dolores Dress by Collectif

Living my life by the motto “Make it Hawaii”, it was inevitable this dress would become a part of my collection. I’d say: make everything Hawaiian! My favourite pizza is a Pizza Hawaii, I love to eat pineapple on my hamburgers and you can wake me every single second of the night for one of the Greaser’s Virgin Bahias.

That this dress had to become a part of my collection was a no-brainer for the Greaser! He surprised me with this tropical Collectif dress with pineapple print for our 10-year-anniversary and our 5-year-marriversary. We spent this wonderful day drinking delicious cocktails in a Tiki bar in Ghent. The Greaser got me this beautiful dress as an early present to wear on our special day. (more…)

Mad Men – The Illustrated World

I’m a Mad Men fan. Big shock, eh? Joan Harris is my life and it’s just a matter of time until the Ava Dress by PUG (which is totally Joan approved) is mine. I can’t get over Betty Draper’s gorgeous outfits and I will probably never stop giggling at Don-Draper-more-liquor-jokes.

As I love the show so much, I have watched the complete series the Greaser bought me, multiple times. Obviously, the only thing better than Mad Men is MORE Mad Men. I can get really excited about cool lookin’ retro illustrations and stumbled upon a book that combines fun Mad Men facts with actual info on my favourite era and cool artwork: I treated myself to “Mad Men – The Illustrated World” by Dyna Moe a little while ago. (more…)

The Doll’s Diamond Perfume Collection

Nothing completes a beautiful outfit like a lovely fragrance. Wearing the perfect dress with beautiful jewelry and fabulous shoes makes you feel like the Queen of Everything when you smell divine. Whenever I put together an outfit, I like picking out a specific perfume to go with it. I have a nice collection to pick from every day, as I like collecting perfume bottles.

Most of the fragrances in my collection have one thing in common: they come in diamond shaped bottles. I love the smell of a good perfume and I love diamonds. You can imagine how much I love diamond-shaped perfume bottles. (more…)

The Doll’s tattoos: Perfume Bottle

Tattoos aren’t just cool, they also say something about your personality. I always find tattoos incredibly interesting. I find people with amazing sleeves intriguing. I’m always curious about the design and what the tattoos could mean. The Greaser and I tell the story behind one of our tattoos every month.

Perfume bottle

I’m working on a lovely lady-like sleeve with feminine tattoos. Even though not all tattoos have a deeper, underlying meaning, they are always inspired by something. While I was having my vintage hand mirror done on the inside of my arm, I also got a diamond-shaped perfume bottle tattooed on the outside of my arm. (more…)