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Bang Bang Bazooka

Bang Bang Bazooka is a Rockabilly band from Eindhoven, Rock City. These guys have been making great music since 1987 and have released four radical albums in the last 30 years! In the original formation, with Bartmann (Peter Pan Speedrock) on bass, BBB released two albums. Later on, Bartmann left the band as PPSR was taking up most of his time.

On the fourth album, “Red Hot & Horny” released in 2013, drummer Marc Burger (Liptease) and bassplayer Eric Haamers (Batmobile) were part of the line-up. Eric recently left BBB, to focus on Batmobile, as they have just released a brand new album (“Brand New Blisters”) for the first time in 20 years. As of now, Jesse van der Heijden (Liptease) is in charge of the bass lines.

Bang Bang Bazooka might just be the best Rockabilly band in Holland, and is without a doubt one of our favourite bands. We love this band so much, we asked them to play at our wedding back in 2011. (more…)

The Greaser’s tattoos: Skull

Tattoos are cool and the Doll and I have gathered quite the collection. We get asked about the meaning of our pieces of art very often. Most of my tattoos don’t have a deep underlying meaning but represent something I like. Every month, we’re telling you the story behind one of our tattoos.

Tattoo 6

Skull tattoos are very often associated with death. It’s a common tattoo representing something you survived, or to honor someone who’s passed. I myself think a skull tattoo is a must-have. (more…)

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century

Two years after Jack Daniel’s released their Sinatra Select, they announced an even more exclusive Sinatra Whiskey. On December 12th 2015 Ol’ Blue Eyes would have celebrated his 100th birthday. To celebrate this milestone, the whiskey manufacturer from Lynchburg released the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century.

Aside from being a huge Sinatra fan, I – like Frank himself – am a Jack Daniel’s fanatic. After purchasing the Sinatra Select in September 2015, which I discussed here, the Sinatra Century could obviously not miss in my collection. (more…)